Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brooch + silk bouquets for a yellow, black, and white wedding

I was looking through some of my old pictures for my Travel Tuesday post and found this, one of my first Fuzzy Rose bouquet orders. It was for brooch bouquets for a small budget wedding.  The bride wanted something as budget-friendly as possible in her wedding colors of black, white, and yellow.  I loved working within the fairly tight budget constraints to come up with something so cheerful and cute.  It's still one of my favorite orders that I've done!

I think I always get attached to orders that I work on for longer periods of time (like Michelle's bouquet!) and I definitely had an emotional attachment with this one! I spent so much time hunting for nice, low priced silk flowers and just the right brooches.

These pictures are really old... please excuse my pre-fancy camera pictures!

The big black buttons gave us a lot of bang for our few bucks!

I also loved that I got to use some of my yellow fuzzy trim that I use in my boutonni√®res.  It was a nice way to give them some presence even though we didn't have enough money to use tons of flowers.

In the end, the bride told me that she had moved up her wedding because her grandfather was very ill and wouldn't be able to finish up her payment plan on the timeline we'd discussed.  They were so personalized to her and we'd talked for so long, I decided to do my good deed for the day and send them to her anyway.  I really hope that I wasn't being taken advantage of, but I'm in this business to add some joy to the world and I hope that they made her wedding more cheerful and happy.

What do you think? Would you use yellow for a wedding?

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