Tuesday, March 31, 2015

HOW TO: Make an Abstract Painting for Home Decor

I have a love-hate relationship with this kind of project.  Artists train for years and years to make quality, meaningful art, so I always hated those HGTV projects where they would make fake "art" with the homeowners to complement the decor.  That being said, I think as with everything that balance is key.  Invest in good art and buy vintage when you can, but sometimes you just don't have enough money for that and if you know what kind of art your space needs, sometimes you gotta go ahead and make it yourself!

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Monday, March 30, 2015

Thrifty Wedding Dresses from Etsy: 6 Dresses Under $1K

I'm all about living on a budget and when it comes to planning a wedding, I don't see it any differently. After all, I want to start my married life debt-free and well, as not broke as possible!  That's where cheaper wedding dresses come in.

Etsy is always a treasure trove of unique items in any price range.  Unfortunately, there's an increasing amount of crap to wade through, but there are some real gems to be found if you look.

So, I present to you.... six wedding dresses from Etsy under $1,000!

Dress 1: Lace and Chiffon Wedding Dress with Beaded Cap Sleeves by Grace Loves Lace, $902.39

This Australian designer is fairly well known off of Etsy and to get one of her beautiful designs for less than $1k seems like a deal to me. I love the skirt and pretty sleeves. Check it out here.

I mean, look at those sleeves!

Dress 2: Lace and Chiffon Wedding Dress by LaceBridal, $259.00

I'm in love with the gorgeous top and skirt of this dress... and the price can't be beat! Check it out here.

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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Wait on the Lord

I don't normally post on Sundays, but I think it's apropos to have a little encouragement today!

I shared a verse last week that I've been reading a lot lately.  I feel so lost sometimes and not really sure what I should be doing, but the Bible tells me that our Heavenly Father has "established my goings" (Psalm 40:2). He gives us free will, of course, but we needn't feel that we have no purpose and no way that we should go.  Today, I took a look at the verse before it (Psalm 40:1).

Waiting patiently is hard, isn't it?  And waiting isn't always an inactive state.  Many times, we have to be working and striving towards a goal, when we aren't even entirely sure what it is and where we're going. That's the part that gets me. If we're patient though, He will incline unto us and hear us and guide us. We're here on this Earth to learn and grow and sometimes that process takes time. I believe though, that if we work hard and pray and listen to the stirrings of the Holy Spirit in our hearts, he'll guide us in the way that we should go!

I hope that you have a great week!  I've got some fun things planned with B and my family, super excited!


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Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Brooch + silk bouquets for a yellow, black, and white wedding

I was looking through some of my old pictures for my Travel Tuesday post and found this, one of my first Fuzzy Rose bouquet orders. It was for brooch bouquets for a small budget wedding.  The bride wanted something as budget-friendly as possible in her wedding colors of black, white, and yellow.  I loved working within the fairly tight budget constraints to come up with something so cheerful and cute.  It's still one of my favorite orders that I've done!

I think I always get attached to orders that I work on for longer periods of time (like Michelle's bouquet!) and I definitely had an emotional attachment with this one! I spent so much time hunting for nice, low priced silk flowers and just the right brooches.

These pictures are really old... please excuse my pre-fancy camera pictures!

The big black buttons gave us a lot of bang for our few bucks!

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Studying and Traveling

Oh man, my much delayed Travel Tuesday post!

Jumping back in with my Study Abroad experiences...

I love this place!
Once we got to Harlaxton, it was an often frenetic pace of going to classes at the Manor and going to London for shows and touristy fun.  There were so many days of falling asleep in class because we'd gotten back super late the night before.  I remember waking up when I started falling out of my chair one morning.... and I never fall asleep in class!

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It's Tuesday: Encouragement for the Week

So, like most bloggers, I normally have a few posts already written and scheduled to be published.  Alas, not today.  We went on a much needed mini-vacation/staycation to Orlando, about 45 minutes from home.  Obviously, life is stressful and it was wonderful to have a couple of days to relax and focus on each other.  

We got back into town last night and now I'm hustling to make up for lost time.  My grandmother needs my help today, so I'll be back to the blog later on today with my usual Travel Tuesday post.  

I thought I'd quickly share a verse that I've been meditating on this past week or so, as I try to find my way and work towards my goals...

I'll be back with more later!  Happy Tuesday!

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Thursday, March 19, 2015

What I've accomplished this week

I have a tendency a lot of times to feel like I haven't accomplished much, no matter what I actually did do.  I know that isn't *always* true though, haha, so I'm compiling a list of what I've actually gotten done in the past few weeks.  Makes me feel a little better about myself and I think it will actually be a pretty good resource.  So here goes...!

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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I have my own domain name! Finally!

I've been super long overdue to get a custom domain name for a while now, but I was intent on getting other priorities taken care of first, like the new site design and getting established on Instagram.  However, it was becoming increasingly obvious that I couldn't put it off anymore, so I was super excited to see the new Google Domains.  There are pros and cons to it (see below), but it's the right option for where I'm at right now with blogging, so I went with it!  And now I'm *drumroll please*.... robinandrosedesign.com!  

Pros and Cons to the new Google Domains


It was really easy to do.  Just go to domains.google.com and search for available domain names.  Find the one you like and add it to your cart!  

I'm still on Blogger, so the transition for me was seamless.  I just chose to forward it to my blog.  I've heard that other hosting sites like godaddy.com can be a hassle (haven't tried myself), so I really appreciated the ease of setup.

I get a custom email address!  I thought this was really cool.  You can now email me at robin@robinandrosedesign.com, easy peasy!  Just set it up to forward to an existing email address, log in to that email to confirm, and you're good to go!

It was really affordable.  Most domain names are $12 for the year.  I like that I only have to pay once a year and it's a really great price as well.  The prices are based on predicted popularity (I think), so some domains are a little more expensive.


I didn't quite realize this until we had finished, but the domain name just forwards to your blog.  What that means is someone can input your domain name to get to your site, but once they get there, it will still say "blogspot" or whatever in the web address.  I'm still playing with it, but it looks like it also still shows up as blogspot when I post links on Google + and that sort of thing.  

It may not be a long term solution.  I'm not exactly sure of the mechanics of the forwarding I mentioned above, but that's probably not going to be something that's workable long term.  I'm planning on getting off blogger and doing another redesign of the site next year if the blog continues to grow.

It's still in beta.  It's a new program and may change and evolve in the coming months.  
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