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In April of 2012, I bought my first home.  It's a small post-war cottage in central Florida.  While it was mostly in good condition, it definitely needed some love!  It isn't totally finished (will it ever be?), but here are some afters, along with some befores and durings...


Source list:
Couch- Karlstad couch from IKEA
Area Rug- Rugs USA (highly recommended for price and quality)
Curtains- Home Depot (surprising, since I had searched everywhere for something I liked)
Pink Paper Flowers on Coffee Table- Bouquets by Selena
Custom TV Console- Dinosaur Cabinets
Large Painting above the Couch- DIY, check out the tutorial here
Most Wall Art- Mostly Estate/Garage Sales
"Little House" print- Goldfinch Press
Aqua Rolling Cart- Råskog, IKEA
Wing Chair- Vintage from my Grandfather
Afghan on Wing Chair- Handmade from Church Bazaar
Domino Book- Available on Amazon
Wooden Mailboxes (Wall)- The Barn, Lake Alfred, FL
Teal and White Pillow- Target


This is actually from about a year ago, it's a lot more finished now!

My house has what used to be a Florida room/sun porch adjacent to the living room.  It was long ago made part of the house, with heating/cooling and the same flooring as the rest of the house.  It still has windows on three out of the four walls and is kind of an odd space to use, despite the fact that it's fairly large (about 130 sq ft).  I put my old twin bed in there (I call it my sleeping porch), so that there's at least some kind of guest accommodations at my place.  B and I recently just finished a mini-overhaul of the office portion for a photo shoot for Scout Mob.
I don't have any pictures that show the porch before very well, but you can see it through the door way in this photo of the living room.  Bad blinds (which are unfortunately still there), some awful lace curtains, and dingy white paint.
B made me some awesome ribbon holders for my stash.
I painted them using leftover paint from the front door.
B made the curtains from a fabric remnant that a dear friend gave me.  The opposite window has a coordinating
floral print that was actually made from a vintage sheet from my grandma.  We lined them
 with a pack of curtain panels from IKEA.  I need curtains, but didn't have much money to accomplish that.
We did the whole project for about $35, just the cost of the IKEA curtains and the curtain rods.
 The room has already changed a little bit.  The desk you see here was made from a desk top from IKEA (about $10) set on top of two of my drawer units.  Since I took this photo, my dad gave me his old desk.  More photos coming soon!

All the yellow....

Getting there!

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  1. What a lovely home you are making, It looks inspiring and comfortable and loved on. I think your right - our homes are never finished - they keep moving and changing with us. I have been working myself up to showing more of my little house on my blog - guess I'm a bit insecure still about showing my homes humble proportions and simple style - - - but in the end it's my space to be me and to be real and that's what I always find inspiring in other people. Enjoyed looking at what you have done with your space and reading around your lovely blog. Thank you

    1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comment! It's tough to put our homes out there, especially when they're humble, but I love working towards what I know it can become and as you said, it's my place to be real and let my guard down. I hope you share more of your home, I'm sure it's wonderful! <3