Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Finding Peace in the Garden

When I moved in, my yard had some good hedges and basic landscaping, but it needed the finishing touches.  I've been adding little things here and there, mostly yard ornaments and some container plants.  I've been wanting to add some bigger plants for awhile, but putting it off because of cost.  I especially wanted some blue plumbago (below), a pretty blue flowering shrub that is super popular around here.

via Slice of Coastal Life
I had a little health scare this week.  I've had a few weird things going on, then I went to the doctor and she found some lumps.  Based on family history and some other factors, I didn't think it would be serious, but it was still a little scary.  I was lucky enough to get checked out and given the all-clear within 6 days.  Still though, I was very thankful and breathing some sighs of relief after my appointment yesterday.  I think gardening is good for the soul, so I decided to splurge and buy the plants I wanted.

One of my new plants!
And the other one!
I got a few other little ones too. I love the fuzzy balls.  That's the technical term.
Red ixora that was already in my yard.  It attracts so many butterflies!

Like the rest of my place, still very much in progress, but it's a start!
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