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Like most websites, my website (Robin + Rose Design) passively collects information about you (like country of access, pages viewed, that sort of thing) through Google Analytics and  Blogger's Stats platform.  This helps me see where my traffic is coming from, so I can know what's working and what's not.  None of this information identifies you personally (unless you leave a comment) and none of it is compiled into any kind of separate database or list.  I NEVER sell any personal information or stats to any other third party.

If you do leave a comment, I may click over to your site to say hello, but your contact information will never be sold to a third party.  Any names, email addresses, or similar information give to me through the use of this site's features will only be used for relevant site features and will never be sold or made public (unless you publicly post it in a comment).  However, keep in mind that the whole point of leaving a comment or suggestion is for it to be made public, so keep in mind that that is NOT private.

This site (Robin + Rose Design) sometimes has advertisements, offered through third party providers, like Google AdSense.  Sometimes, these sites may use cookies to deliver more targeted ads.  This is not associated with me or my site and I am not responsible for anything resulting from the third party use of these cookies or similar.  Most browsers allow you to change your cookie settings, to protect your privacy.  If you click on an ad on my site, this is taking you away from my site and I am not liable for what my happen on this third party site, including but not limited to collecting of personal information or tracking of your use of the site.  Please read the third party's privacy policy for more information.  My site (Robin + Rose Design) is NOT responsible for any of the third party's dealings. In addition, Google and its subsidiaries may use cookies or other programs that are not associated with me or my personal website. Please use at your own risk.

My website, my brand, nor I can take any responsibility for the security and/or cookies of websites linked to on this site. By leaving this site, you do so at your own risk.

In compliance with EU law, it is necessary that all European users are aware that this site may contain cookies. By visiting and using this site, you are giving your consent to the use of this information.
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