Wednesday, August 27, 2014

HOW TO: Make a Fun Rehearsal Bouquet

It's traditional, at least around here, to make a bouquet out of bows from the bridal shower for the bride to carry at the rehearsal.  As the Maid of Honor, I got tasked to make one for my friend Jessica.  It's a pretty goofy, not-supposed-to-be-glamourous tradition, but I still wanted to try to make something cute. 

I started with the fairly standard disposable plate as a base and cut the lip off.  I made a handle out of floral wire that I poked through the plate.  A similar outcome could be achieved with a toilet paper roll.  I even have a handle from a used up lint roller that could work really well.  Or just make life totally easier for yourself and buy a ready made bouquet holder.  

My bouquet base and handle.
I think in theory, it's traditional to use all of the bows from the shower, but seriously, it's ok to just use the pretty ones.  I did have some pretty good bows to start out and they were mostly in her wedding colors.   I started with some of the wrapping paper and pleated it around the plate to make a pretty base, that way the plate wouldn't show where the bows didn't cover.  You could also just cover the plate in the wrapping paper.  

Next start arranging the bows.  I tried to use some of the same tricks that I use for assembling a regular bouquet.  Big flower (bow) towards the center.  Some pretty hang-y stuff on the bottom.  If you've got a craft stash, feel free to supplement.  I used this aqua pom pom trim from mine.

And then you're pretty much done! Make sure everything is tightly secured with glue or tape.  I wouldn't recommend relying on the sticky part of the bow.

Finished product!

Ack.  Forgive the days before the good camera.
Here are some other great examples from around the web....

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