Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Travel Tuesday: Studying and Traveling

Oh man, my much delayed Travel Tuesday post!

Jumping back in with my Study Abroad experiences...

I love this place!
Once we got to Harlaxton, it was an often frenetic pace of going to classes at the Manor and going to London for shows and touristy fun.  There were so many days of falling asleep in class because we'd gotten back super late the night before.  I remember waking up when I started falling out of my chair one morning.... and I never fall asleep in class!

While we were there, they were working on restoring this beautiful conservatory. If it wasn't for all of the construction noises, I don't know how many of us would have stayed awake and passed our classes.  

I went back to Harlaxton a few years later and took these pictures of the now completed conservatory.

One thing I have learned about studying abroad... it is amazing experience, but it is a tough balancing act.  You want to experience everything you can about this foreign country, but you also need to pass the classes that you came to take!  It was even more of a challenge when I studied abroad in France.  I tested into a higher level than anyone else, so while others were going out, I was staying in and writing essays.  Definitely something to consider if you're thinking about a study abroad trip.

Until next week...! I'll talk more about some of our sightseeing!

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