Sunday, October 4, 2015

White to Bright Style Challenge with Chairish

I was invited by Chairish to take part in their White to Bright Style Challenge! If you haven't checked out their site before, you totally should. It's a curated collection of awesome vintage finds and it's a veritable treasure trove!  The White to Bright Style Challenge involves choosing a vintage accent chair and then designing a styleboard around it that takes the room from 'white to bright.'  

When I'm designing a room, I always need to have an idea of who would live there... even if they're completely fictional. So my imaginary occupants of this living room are a young couple who live in the city in their first adult apartment. Because it's a rental, the walls have to stay white, so it's essential to bring in color through accessories.  The couple purchased curtains from Target and a couch from IKEA that are neutral and affordable and will allow them to focus on bringing in personality with accessory choices. 

Curtains from Target, couch from IKEA, fiddleleaf fig tree from Amazon, floor from Lowe's, all other accessories from Chairish
I love this gold accent chair from Chairish that is vintage but also has a totally modern look. I anchored the room with a bright, contrasting overdyed rug, also from Chairish. All of the accessories are from Chairish! I brought in more color with unique vintage pillows and bright art. And to me, all rooms must have the natural color of a potted plant... I love the life it gives to a room and this one gets to live in a unique vintage planter. The little rattan footstool serves multiple purposes in this small apartment; it can be a foot rest or a little side table... whatever is needed at the moment.  This is the kind of room and accessories that will evolve with the couple as they grow.
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