Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Shop (and Eat) Local: The Barn

The Barn in Lake Alfred, Florida is one of my favorite places ever.  We've been going there for years! The Barn has several shopping options, as well as a cute lunch spot, The Back Porch.  

The Back Porch has a menu featuring sandwiches, soups, salads, deserts, and drinks.  An average price for lunch is about $10.  It's an affordable and fun lunch out.  I love the food because it's at the same time both light and filling. Yum yum.

The Barn Antiques opened in 1969. Their antiques are hand-picked from across England, then shipped back home, lovingly restored when needed, and then sold for an affordable price.  I got this awesome armoire with a full length mirror for $375.  Not bad for solid furniture.

The antiques side is open seasonally (allowing the owners to go shopping for new treasures abroad in the summer!) and reopens this year on October 4.  Exciting!

There are two shops, The Stable Home Decor and The Seasons Gift Shop, featuring new items with lots of home decor items and seasonal decorations.  I love going there at different time of year to see what new decorations they have out.  My favorite area though is the Back Yard Garden Shop which has lots of plants and yard decorations.  It's such a magical little spot and so many different things to look at!

The Barn is closed open Tuesday- Saturday 10 AM- 4 PM.  The Back Porch restaurant is open 11 AM- 3 PM.  Saturdays are generally *mobbed*... if you can go on a week day, I'd highly recommend it!

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