Wednesday, May 28, 2014

PART TWO OF HOUSE PAINTING: The door color saga

So as I posted about last time, I've been painting my house and generally revamping the exterior.  We just got back from a (much needed) vacation, so in the time before we left, it was quite a push to get as much done as possible.  We got the shutters built and stained (tutorial to come later), most of the body of the house painted, and the front door painted.  I had done a Photoshop mock-up to see how everything would look together....

Photoshop mock-up
The quality isn't great, but you get the idea.  The Robin's Egg Blue door looked great with the ashen, cooler-toned wood on the shutters.  HOWEVER, when we went to pick stain, that wasn't quite what we ended up with.  There were some great options in transparent stain, but we couldn't get those in a tester size.  So we decided to go with a semi-transparent color instead.  None of the options were great, but we decided on Cedar Naturaltone.  It looked super orange when we put it on a test board, but when we held it up to the house, it looked great.  So, I proceeded to stain all 6 shutters in the Cedar Naturaltone.  We hung them on the house and I also painted the front door in the the blue color.  Then... I was working in the yard one morning and I saw the shutters in full shade for the first time and freaked out.  They were bright orange.  And they really didn't look good (to me) with the blue door.  Everyone else thought I was crazy, but it was bugging the crap out of me.
A quick photo that we took of the blue door.  Not awful, but not great.

For most of the time I was on the trip, I drove myself mad trying to figure out what I should do about the colors.  It pretty much came down to either trying to do another stain or wash on the shutters to tone them down or to repaint the door.  Practically speaking, it's way easier and quicker to repaint the door.  Plus, the shutters will probably mellow on their own as they weather and I can go back to the blue door.  So for now, I decided to try to find an alternative door color.  I decided on coral.

I went to Home Depot for more paint chips (I'm a paint chip hoarder) and I'm leaning toward Behr's Flamingo Dream.

And here are a few test swatches on the blue door....

Thoughts?  Blue or coral?  Finished product photos coming soon!

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