Monday, April 20, 2015

Alternative Wedding Bouquets

As I've mentioned before, I'm pretty new to Instagram and I love it. Besides being fun because of all the pretty pictures, it's a great way to meet new people and find new things. I've long been obsessed with paper flowers and I'm planning on using them for my wedding. Through Instagram, I've found several paper florists (is that what they're called? is that a thing?) that I was previously unaware of. I also found another cool alternative to fresh flowers that even though I probably won't do, I'm super in awe of them. And well, I make alternative bouquets too, so I'll talk about myself a little (haha).

Like I said, I've been loving on paper flowers for awhile now, but I just recently found a few really good makers of them on IG. Probably my favorite is Margie Keates from The Lovely Ave. I've been Instagram stalking her for the last few weeks and she does some great work. I'd love to have some of her flowers at my wedding (if I haven't been too creepy of a stalker and she'll talk to me, that is).

From The Lovely Ave @thelovelyave on Instagram.
From @thelovelyave on Instagram.
Super pretty, huh? And check out her beautiful new website!

The other super talented maker of alternative bouquets that I've been in awe of lately, is Meghan LaCroix. She makes the most gorgeous, fresh-looking bouquets that I would never believe are actually dried and preserved.

From @MeghanLaCroix on Instagram

From @MeghanLaCroix on Instagram

From @MeghanLaCroix on Instagram
Can you believe those peonies are dried?? I can't. Check out Meghan's Etsy shop, where she sells bouquets made from her beautiful preserved flowers.

Lastly, I have to plug my own small business! While I sell mostly boutonnieres, I also sell bouquets. I love getting the opportunity to create custom bouquets for brides to their specifications. 

Felt bouquet from my shop, Fuzzy Rose.

Felt bouquet from my Etsy shop, Fuzzy Rose.
While I handmake bouquets from eco-friendly felt, I also love making silk flower bouquets, some with brooches that I've thrifted and reused. 

I love alternative bouquets and there are so many great options out there! Fresh flowers are amazing, but they die so quickly and to be honest, I'm way to OCD to not know what my bouquet will look like until the day of the wedding.

What kind of alternative bouquets would you consider?


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