Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Nature of Handmade Consumerism

I was reading a post on a mommy blog the other day (because someone on FB had posted it, no kids here) about a woman who was trying to lavish her children with time and values instead of material possessions.  She listed off the "it" items that she would not be buying her children and one of them was "Etsy dress."  While her intentions are fantastic, it made me a little sad.  Despite the fact that Etsy has become saturated with mass produced crap lately, it's still a platform where lots of small businesses are hustling everyday, selling their handmade goods that they put their heart and soul into, and generally trying to make their dreams come true.  

I think a lot of us have been very, very lucky that handmade has become so trendy lately.  It's become a way for so many people to make an awesome living and, in my oh so humble opinion, it's in general a really positive thing.  However, I think anytime something becomes popular, there's a backlash against it and some people refuse to like something or put their money towards it simply because it's popular.  I've written about this some before in relation to weddings, because I think this idea pops up a heck of a lot when it comes to wedding planning.

I am very thrifty myself and I think that spending our money wisely and conservatively is hugely important.  However, I also believe that our buying power is one of our best and most readily available ways to make our opinions known.  If we choose handmade (and organic and cruelty-free and on and on), we are able to make our little bit of a statement that that is what we want to purchase and that is what we want to be available.

I don't necessarily have any grand conclusions to draw, but it's an idea that I wanted to bring up. My general philosophy though is to like what you like and value, regardless of whether it's popular or not... especially if it's popular!


P.S.  I feel like I'm always discovering things after everyone else, but I just found Canva, which is totally rocking my world right now.  In case you're super oblivious like me, it's a site that makes basic graphic design accessible to everyone.  I'm still learning and I'm no graphic designer, but it's opened up a whole new world of blog font and graphics possibilities for me. Rock on!
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