Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Travel Tuesday: I want to go to Ireland

My Travel Tuesday post got overshadowed in my priorities this week by St Patrick's Day, but I wanted to at least do a little post.  So in the spirit of the day, here's someplace that I want to go, but haven't yet.  Ireland.  Like a lot of people in the US, I'm mostly of Irish descent.  So many of us have lost track of our heritage through the generations and I think it'd be wonderful to go tromping around the homeland of a good chunk of my ancestors.  There's even a town called by my (uncommon) last name! I tried to swing it a few times when we were en route to England, but alas, it never happened.

Image via The Travel Tester on Pinterest

The Rock of Cashel, Ireland. Photo by Bridget Boyne, via kiwifaves.co.nz on Pinterest
This is how Ireland is in my imagination, all castles and churches, green rolling hills with sheep.

It's someplace that I can't wait to visit... and have my own photos to share!

Happy Saint Patrick's Day and happy Travel Tuesday!

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