Friday, January 3, 2014


It seems like EVERYONE (design geeks, at least) is blogging about Pantone's 2014 color of the year, Radiant Orchid. I'll admit, I was a little put off when I found out what this year's color is.  I was a huge fan of last year's Emerald (green), a la everything Emily Henderson has ever done.  
Emily Henderson putting Emerald to work in her guest room.
While I love me some purple, to me Radiant Orchid is a contrived way of saying Lavender... a little too reminiscent of the lavender pleated Bongo shorts I owned circa 1997 (which are apparently considered vintage now... yikes). I changed my mind a bit when I saw the Etsy blog's round up of Radiant Orchid.  
Color Crush: Radiant Orchid for 2014 on the Etsy blog
I really love the colors in the items they've chosen (and I'm especially digging those bookends).  I think I like it best when the lavender... err, Radiant Orchid... has more of a strong red undertone (like the awesome J. Crew jacket below) or blue undertone.

Peacoat from via Lucky Magazine
I've trolled around the internet and found a few more things I like.  It's funny, because I really do love purple and I really do love all shades of it.... I guess I just felt like the shade they chose is dated.  Ah well.  Still lovely.  But for real lovely, not lovely as a euphemism for ugly, like SYTTD: Atlanta says it is here in the South, but I digress.

Another vase by CarriageOakCottage on Etsy (seller also seen in the Etsy roundup above)
Abstract painting by ArtbyHeroux on Etsy

The color occurring in nature: succulent from SucculentOasis on Etsy, via the Etsy blog, Color Crush: Radiant Orchid for 2014
Wisteria pillow by SenayStudio on Etsy
Radiant Orchid pearl earrings by Splurge on Etsy
Printable agenda by PrettyOrganised on Etsy

Personalized pillow by TealPoodle on Etsy

Despite my initial hesitance, I'll probably end up hoarding things in this color eventually.  Will it be finding it's way into your home?
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  1. I am an old fogie, so probably not, but I am curious as to what you have in your etsy shop that is in this color?

    1. These items all incorporate "radiant orchid" or something similar to it, but I'll also be working on adding some new items for 2014 this week.