Friday, April 24, 2015


I absolutely can not believe that I closed on my house THREE YEARS ago this week. Time really does fly. 

I'd been house hunting for about three years before that, so finally finding a house and closing after all that time felt pretty crazy. I wanted to get most of the interior painting and cleaning done before I moved in, so I didn't actually end up living here until Bastille Day (I'm a Francophile, what can I say) of 2012. 

We've done a lot of work and it's changed so much, but there's still a lot more to be done! I don't live here alone anymore either... that's a nice change :) I gather my house likes B too, because he's accomplished more around this place in his few months of residency than I did in years!

I got a cake to celebrate. Buying a house is a big milestone that is worth celebrating to me!

In honor of my house's birthday, here are a few more photos of the interior! We'll be updating the kitchen soon (thank God) and I can't wait to do make even more improvements around here. We've done a LOT on the sunporch/office/craft room area, but none of it is particularly photo-ready, so I'll spare y'all's eyes for now.

My dark grey almost black bathroom. I think it works well with the original yellow tile.
View into our bedroom. I love my ceilings.
Ravenclaw felt banner that B and I made hanging from the door knob. I need to do a DIY tutorial on that.

My dresser. I like having my jewelry and perfume bottles, as well B's cologne and tie tack laid out.  I made the rag wreath and my grandfather painted the seascape.
My antique armoire. I got the black and white pictures at a yard sale. 
I'll get the pictures and more sources added to my home tour.

Happy Friday! I hope you had a great week!
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