Thursday, March 19, 2015

What I've accomplished this week

I have a tendency a lot of times to feel like I haven't accomplished much, no matter what I actually did do.  I know that isn't *always* true though, haha, so I'm compiling a list of what I've actually gotten done in the past few weeks.  Makes me feel a little better about myself and I think it will actually be a pretty good resource.  So here goes...!

  • I found Canva, a great online program for people who aren't necessarily graphic designers to get some great graphics for their sites.  Depending on the options you choose, it can be totally free!
  • I got my own domain name ( through Google Domains.  It's easy and cheap!
  • I applied at Rifle Paper Co.  Fingers crossed, I'd love to work there, but regardless of outcome, I'm excited to be finding awesome places to apply.  I feel like my options are more open than they ever have been.
  • I went to church with B.  He's LDS and I'm a non-demoninational Protestant Christian, but I have found so much joy in going to church with him.
  • I'm not quite ready to share where yet, but I found a completely online marketing strategies program through an excellent school.  I'm in the process of enrolling now and I start soon!  I'm so excited to start!
  • I got started on Instagram.  I know I'm super behind the times, but I love it now that I've gotten started!
  • With the help of the lawn man, we rescued some tiny baby kittens from the yard next door and got them reunited with their mama.
  • My awesome mom bought me a new desk chair, the Burlston chair in Camel from Staples, and B put it together for me.  I guess that's not really anything that I did, haha, but it feels like an accomplishment because I had such a hard time finding one that I liked.  This one is incredibly comfortable, looks better than most of the options that are widely available, and it's $70 off through the end of March! It's a huge step up from the beautiful but uncomfortable bentwood I was sitting on.
I hope you're having a great week and getting a lot done!

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