Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Post mortem on Christmas

In the theatre world, we sometimes do what's called a "post mortem."  After the show closes (or literally after the death of the show), the production staff gets together and talks about what worked and what didn't.  This post is my post mortem on Christmas....

As I said in my post about holiday anxiety, I get easily overwhelmed during the month of December and generally try to keep the decorations to a quality-over-quantity minimum.  Still, I usually get a big tree.  This year, however, there was just no time.  I was stressed at the idea of trying to find time together to not only go get it, but to set it up and decorate it.  I had seen some cute little tabletop trees at Publix, but I knew B really wanted a big tree.  Mid stress out (on my part) one day, B suggested we go get one of the little ones instead.  It meant the world to me and we were able to get a tree much earlier  and easier than expected.
Christmas tree 2014... so little :)

We also put up a few decorations, most of which were gifts from family.

And I got crafty one night and made some mistletoe, because I'd never had any!  I'll do a How To for the holidays next year.

I also think we got better about saying 'no' to too many social engagements and staying home if we couldn't do any more.  We really had a great holiday together and with family, even though I had to work on actual Christmas Day.

I hope you all had a great holiday season and managed to maintain your sanity!

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