Tuesday, August 12, 2014

When the season of life is changing...

I've been in a somewhat melancholy contemplative mood today, as I have been, like many, saddened by the passing of actor Robin Williams.  I always felt a kinship with this man that shared my name and brought such joy to so many people.  People and things all have their seasons of life and sometimes they leave us before we're ready.

I recently started a new job and while new beginnings are exciting and hopeful, it often means that with this same cycle of life, some people and things reach their end.  I was thinking along these same lines a few weeks ago, when I heard that Chalet Suzanne, a local restaurant and inn that had been open for 83 years, was closing.  It was a quirky family-run landmark that had a special place in many people's hearts.  I always feel change very acutely and it makes me sad when the vintage places that I love close and are so often torn down.

B and I went out to Chalet Suzanne a few weeks ago for a final meal.  We brought the camera and got some great pictures of this awesome old place.  It is obviously in need of some maintenance, but you can still see the greatness of what was there.

We're trying to take advantage of the places we still have available to us; we're planning on going to see a movie at Silver Moon Drive-In and I got a shake today, as I often do, at Andy's Igloo, our local vintage drive-in restaurant.

So, hug the people you love... and while places and things aren't the same as people, take the time out of your busy schedules to enjoy them too, because some day, they may only exist in your memories.

Also, on the off chance anyone is looking to become an innkeeper or restauranteur in Florida, the Chalet and it's entire contents are for sale.  The family is hoping someone will come along who can carry on this unique legacy.
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