Monday, April 28, 2014

PART ONE OF HOUSE PAINTING: it's spring and my house's birthday, time to paint....

It's spring (and has been for awhile, I'm kind of behind, I guess)! Spring and Easter are associated with new beginnings and I've recently taken a leap of faith and I quit my awful job.  If all goes as planned, I'll have a job waiting for me when we get back from vacation in May, but for now, I have a few weeks of downtime to work on the Etsy shop, blog, and my house.  

Bizarrely, we've had beautiful weather for the past two months, which almost made me forget that we live in Florida.  It actually felt like real spring for a little while.  We were able to take advantage of a few oddly cool days to paint the house.  (The nice weather is all over though... it's 95 today! Ugh.)

I've been wanting to paint the house forever and with time off from work right now, no time like the present, I guess. The exterior of the house is kind of like the kitchen, in that beyond basic repairs, it's been put off at the expense of everything else.  Last week was my house's "birthday"-- it's been two years since I closed!  I'm celebrating by giving the house a new look.  When I bought it, the house was all contractor white.  It was obvious that they just sprayed it all down in the white.  I hated it and it got dirty so easily.  

I went back and forth for months on what color to paint the house.  I wanted green for awhile, but decided that would blend in too much with all the foliage surrounding my house.  So, of course, I took to Pinterest to attempt to figure out what I wanted instead.  

Some of the pictures I pinned...

via my Pinterest page

via my Pinterest page
I wanted something dark and I obviously was super attracted to the wood shingle look.  Since shingles weren't particularly viable, I decided to go for a dark brown for a similar look.  We tried a few samples and settled on.....
Behr Aging Barrel
Behr Aging Barrel! It looks great and I'm super happy we went with this color.  Since Behr Paint + Primer is so awesome, I only needed to do one coat in most places.  So good.  We used 1/3 of the amount of paint that a professional painter quoted us.  Win.

Here's a crappy cell phone photo preview of what it looks like on the house....
personal photo
We are building shutters and there has been much debate over shutter and door color.  Check out Part 2 (coming soon!) for what we decided on!
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