Thursday, February 6, 2014

MY HOUSE! The kitchen....

I'm finally writing about my house! When I bought my house about a year and a half ago, almost every surface in the entire place was yellow.  And not light, cheerful, sunny yellow... icky, sickly, mustard-y yellow.  The walls in the bathroom, sunroom, and kitchen were all painted the same shade of yellow, the kitchen had yellow countertops, and the bathroom had vintage yellow tile up the walls (in addition to the yellow paint).  Anything that wasn't currently yellow had clearly been yellow at one point, since when paint chipped off of doors, cabinets, or anything else, there it was underneath. It was a lot.  I'm pretty obsessed with keeping original details in vintage houses, so the kitchen countertops and the bathroom tile are staying.  The sickly yellow walls had to go though.

Before I moved in, I painted every wall in the house (including the weird green bedroom) to shades of greige, grey, and navy.  I ran out of time though and the kitchen languished in yellow purgatory for a few more months.  Eventually, I couldn't take it any more and painted the walls a light ivory just to make it more bearable.  Still though, it remains the room that has gotten the least attention.  It got a pretty corner hutch (which will get a post of its own) and a new stove that I love, but while it's a vast improvement, it's still the most overlooked room of the house.

The rest of my house is about 90% finished inside (the exterior is a whole other story... we spent the entire day yesterday planning what we want to do out there, but I digress).  The interior needs a few decorative finishing touches and some organizing, but it's mostly the way that I want it.  The kitchen is the major exception though and I'm excited that its time is coming.

So now for my design plan, some before photos, during photos, and some inspiration photos....

vintage hutch, Grow House Grow wallpaper, similar table to what I have: Saarinen Dining Table from, similar bentwood chair: Sweetheart Bentwood Chair from, similar houseplant from, my kitchen cabinets, mint canisters from Pier 1, grey cabinets:, appliances are from GE.

This is my design plan for the kitchen.  I already have the table and chairs, the house plant, the corner hutch, the white stove, the mint canisters, and obviously, the yellow countertop.  Hoping to get the other things accomplished soon.  The grey cabinets won't have brass pulls like in this picture, they'll have the same vintage white knobs as the uppers. The wallpaper is Ode to the Unhasty from Grow House Grow. It's super expensive, but I want it so much.  If I can't afford it, I'll probably going with this cheaper option below from Spoonflower. I love mint and sloths.  Odd combo, huh? by kclancy

And now the befores in all of their yellow glory!
House pictures are all personal photos.

So with the walls painted and a new, pretty stove, things are looking better.... Oh, and also, I forgot! I painted the doorway going into the living room a pretty coral color.  All that white needed a pop of color!

So anyway, it's not all bad and there's a few good moments, but it can be a lot better.

Here are some inspiration photos that I've been stockpiling... it took a little while, but I finally have a pretty clear idea of what I want to do in there.  I think this picture below best sums up the look I'm going for.  I'm planning on repainting the upper cabinets white again, but I'd like to paint the lower cabinets this pretty dark grey color.  We're planning on white subway tile with darker grout; it's classic but it still makes a statement.  I'd also like to do the open shelving in that huge open area over the stove.  We'll probably need to put in a hood at some point too.
And some more inspiration pics....

via This one is almost exactly what I want to do.


IKEA kitchen

Also, this is the fridge that we want (below).  It's black and the stove is white, but we love it in this color and I think the dark grey cabinets will tie it in just fine.
And if they don't work too well together, I was planning on doing this treatment to the front of my portable dishwasher anyway, so I'm thinking it'll tie in the black fridge and white stove (and microwave).

So what do you think? I'm reeeally looking forward to getting started on it.

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