Friday, January 24, 2014


My last post was about a beautiful treasury that I'd been included in which featured items in plum and glitter gold.  This time it's another pretty gold combo that I love even more... mint green and gold!  Mint green and the variations all around it, particularly the aptly named Robin's Egg Blue, are really "my color(s)," so I'm loving that so many things these days are being made in that color.

On a somewhat related aside, I'm sure I will mention this again at some point, but love what you love, whether it's trendy or not.  A lot of people who aren't completely mainstream or "normal," (err... like me, I can often be found marching to the beat of my own drum... completely off rhythm, but I digress) often feel like they can't love something because it's trendy or super popular.  I know I've struggled with that a lot in the past, but you know what?  That just means that things you like are more readily available.... and it can be fun to accidentally be in fashion occasionally.  Being yourself means liking what you like, regardless of popularity.  So... I love me some mint green, even if it's ridiculously trendy right now.

Anyway, trendy mint green and gold are awesome....

Row 1 (L-R)
1. Green Glass Vase with Golden Flowers by MeanGlean, $16.00
2. iPod Touch 5 Case by wesweetlife, $15.99
3. Infinity Bracelet- Mint Green by LuckyJewelryBar, $1.99
4. Natural Rough Green Stone Adjustable Ring by Greemotion, $56.90

Row 2
1. Golden Feather and Mint Green iPhone 4 Case by TheAngelDiaries, $7.59
2. Golden and Mint Handpainted Square Boho Style Earrings by siret, sold
3. Teal Candleholders by WrenewedDesigns, $20.00
4. Mint Green Gold Square Stud Earrings by LaLiLaJewelry, $16.00

Row 3
1. Paper Mache Bowl in Seafoam Mint Green and Gold by etco. $10.00
2. Delicate Bow & Mint Swarovski Bead Bracelet by CharmingChainsShop, $14.80
3. Sparkly Gold + Cream Boutonniere with Mint Ribbon by FuzzyRose, $11.00
4. Chic Faux Suede Tote with Gold Polka Print by VLiving, $23.00

See the treasury in its entirety here.

Thanks for looking! Stay tuned next week for the beginning of posts about my house!
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