Monday, August 17, 2015

Conveying a Clear Brand Message

I'm currently finishing up my last course for my Marketing Strategy Certificate through Cornell. This particular courses stresses the importance of brand message.  I've been taking this opportunity to update my Etsy shop and make sure that with the new formatting of the site, all of my information contributes to continually promoting a clear brand promise and successfully establishes my positioning in the market. 

My shop's announcement
My shop's about page
I've included the two images above to illustrate my attempts to give similar information and communicate a clear brand message across my Etsy shop.

As small business owners and makers, we don't have huge marketing and advertising teams to maintain this consistency for us, so it's important to keep up with it ourselves. For many of us, we ARE our brand and it can be a challenge to make sure that we are not just putting everything that we love out there. Tied to this concept is the need to keep our image consistent across all of social media. I've been using this opportunity to do that! Little things like using the same profile picture(s) and repeatedly using the same key words and phrases can really make all the difference.

Below is an example from my Instagram. I use the same profile picture as my shop (I also use this one on Pinterest), which is a picture that clearly conveys what I make. The pictures that I post on Instagram further back up my brand promises, for example, showing custom items that I have made.

My business Instagram

Here are some other examples of "competitors" that I've been using as comparison for my course assignments.

We can see in the above screen shot how shop Wild Rose + Sparrow uses consistent photography to portray their young, romantic, but urban vibe.

A close up (above) of the shop's announcement shows how they clearly communicate the brand promise with which they want to position themselves.

As I said, a lot of this was tied to a particular class assignment, but I thought it was good stuff and worth sharing. This is my final course and I'm excited to start putting what I've learned into action!

Have a great week!

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  1. Brand consistency is so important and is something I'm still trying to work out for myself. Look forward to more of your marketing strategy insight posts! :) Chloe