Monday, April 6, 2015

DIY: Easy Framed Art

So for someone who's as dubious of DIY art as me, this is my second tutorial for it in as many weeks.  Today, I've got the easiest DIY art tutorial ever for you! 

You only need two things! An interesting frame and a wallpaper swatch piece that you like and/or goes with your decor. Easy, huh?

I found a mid-century frame that I love at a garage sale for super cheap.  I'd been trying to find something that fit in the frame and looked good in the empty spot on my wall.  I'd tried lots and lots of pictures in prints in that frame, but nothing seemed right.

You can see my framed wallpaper art hanging out over my wingback chair.  That spot on the wall really needed something.
I'd also gotten a sample of the beautiful Ode to the Unhasty wallpaper from Grow House Grow about a year ago.  I want to put it on a wall in my kitchen, but so far I haven't been able to afford it. Whomp.  Still though, I wanted to at least be able to show off the piece of wallpaper that I had. So, I popped it into that empty frame and I loved it!

It can be a really great way to add some color and pattern without pulling a ton of focus.  Plus it can be super affordable depending on what frame and wallpaper you find!  Ordering a sample can be a great way to enjoy the look of an expensive wallpaper without all the cost. 

Happy Monday! Have a great week!


P.S.  There are so many interesting wallpapers out there right now, that are art in their own right and well worth framing.  Check out Design Sponge's Instagram feed and their hashtag #dswallpaper for some great examples!
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