Thursday, December 11, 2014

Customizing and Protecting Your Phone with Red Bubble

When B got his iPhone a few months ago, he started hunting for a fun case for it.  After much searching, he turned to Red Bubble and finally settled on a design featuring the wallpaper from his beloved Haunted Mansion.  Red Bubble is an awesome website that allows you to order a variety of items, like mugs, phone cases, and t-shirts featuring designs from users.

Now it's my turn to get a new phone (which is replacing my surprisingly long-lasting cracked screen monstrosity). It's really easy to get sucked in to all the choices on Red Bubble and search through designs forever.  I originally wanted this design from Scott Naismith, but because cost varies by design, I'm balking at the cost....

As an alternative, I've been considering a case with Baymax on it, since I do love me some Baymax.  This design of Baymax stuffed in a box is super adorable, but doesn't look as nice on the S3, which is what I purchased.

I found this cute one with a hedgehog pattern and B does love hedgehogs.  Might not be just right for me though.

There's also some pretty awesome ones from some of our other fandoms, like Sherlock and Doctor Who.  I almost think I just want a pretty design though.  Still, I love this Bad Wolf one. Also, it looks a little better on the shape of the iPhone.

After I'd written this post, I think I found the winner, "Inez" by Charlotte Winter.  Simple and pretty, in "my colors."  I've liked art prints of hers in the past too, so seems like a solid choice.

I'm definitely loving Red Bubble right now.  Take a look, it's good for a few hours of entertainment and maybe you'll find something to love!

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