Friday, April 11, 2014


I've recently made some major life changes which will allow me more time to focus on my shop and my blog.  So to kick off this new beginning of sorts, I'm going back to were it all began: Kate and Brad's wedding!  When I first started my shop, I made mostly pincushions and other little things.  Then my college friend Kate approached me about making boutonnières for her wedding..... and now I've made bouts, bouquets, and other wedding-related items for dozens of weddings!

Here's what Kate had to say when I asked her about her wedding and the boutonnières...

"When I began planning my wedding in 2010, I had an idea that it would have a casual summer feel — Gerber daisies, mason jars, cornflower blue accents, that sort of thing. Unfortunately, Gerber daisies do not lend themselves well to being pinned to a lapel, and my husband-to-be wasn’t thrilled with the idea of wearing flowers on his jacket for our big day. I set out in search of alternatives to the standard flower boutonnieres. I found a couple options on a few wedding planning websites, but nothing really spoke to me. Instead of giving up, I was inspired to find something that would be unique to us and our wedding. Then I had an idea.
"Robin and I had become friends several years earlier in college. I knew she had a shop on Etsy selling little felt trinkets and accessories, but nothing in the boutonniere arena. Not yet. I asked her if she wanted to try something new.
"She seemed thrilled with the idea of helping me to find something to fit with our theme, which was great because I didn’t even know what I was looking for yet! I told Robin what I already had picked out for the wedding along with our colors and what she came up with was perfect. She even made two that were slightly different so the dads would stand apart. My husband-to-be loved the felt boutonnieres (as much as any guy gets excited over wedding details).
"They were a hit on the big day, too. We got many compliments from other members of the wedding party and our guests. My only regret is that neither Robin nor I thought of doing the same sort of thing for my bouquet. The ones she is making now are gorgeous!"

Thanks, Kate, for the order that started it all and letting me share your wedding!

Photography: Kerri McConnell
Venues: First United Methodist Church of St Petersburg, Florida and St Petersburg Yacht Club
Boutonnières: Fuzzy Rose
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